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Funimation New Tiered Levels Vs. Crunchyroll Subscriptions

On April 10th Funimation will be changing over its subscription model offering three tiers of options. Last year Funimation and Crunchyroll broke off their partnership because Crunchyroll wouldn’t budge on some of the terms and conditions when it came to international streaming. You can read more about that here. We are now starting to see what Funimation is planning on doing with their current breakdown of the subscription model.

It seems the reason for the new tiered model is to set a number of screens that can be streamed to much like services like Netflix and Hulu already do.

Premium, The first level tier will cost $5.99 and include access to their full library of subbed and dubbed anime. You will be able to stream shows to up to two devices at a time.

Premium Plus, The second level tier will be $7.99 a month and allow users to stream to up to seven devices at a time. You will also be able to download episodes directly to your phone or tablet. This level membership will open you up to special members only events in the Funimation Shop.

Premium Plus Ultra(All Might reference much?) will be the third and most inclusive tier. For this level you need to pay $99.99 annually and you will be able to access all the other perks of previous memberships plus some sweet bonuses. You will be able to get two free pay-per-view rentals, free shipping from the Funimation Shop and a free gift on your renewal anniversary.

If you are like me you are probably only using this to stream anime anyway so unless you use the shop your best option is Premium or Premium Plus. Those who are already members will be grandfathered in and have the Premium Plus benefits for the cost of a Premium subscription as long as they keep their account in good standing. Funimation has also recently partnered with Hulu so many of the anime that are offered on Funimation’s service should be offered on Hulu as well.

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If you compare this to Cruncyroll’s model it’s only slightly more expensive.

Crunchyroll’s Premium is $6.95 a month and you get access to all anime, drama and manga. You get to watch new simulcast anime an hour after the premiere in Japan. You are also able to stream on at least two devices at a time. Since they don’t specify on their website I tested it out with a friend so I know for sure that it works. You are also able to recieve a discount in the Crunchyroll Store.

Premium+ is $11.95. You get all the perks mentioned above along with free shipping on all eligible products to the U.S. when you shop in the Crunchyroll store. You also get VIP Convention Perks like special goodie bags, exclusive events, and front-of-line privilege for Crunchyroll events, Entry into exclusive contests, and are able to test out beta features for the service.

The main difference is that Crunchyroll also offers manga and foreign drama titles and Funimation offers more dubs. So if you are watching anime for the dubs I recommend Funimation. If you don’t care and want to watch it subbed, Crunchyroll is better. There are exclusive anime to both services but for things like My Hero Academia and the bigger hits they are pretty much the same. Also I should tell you that I have been a subscriber to Crunchyroll’s Premium service since 2013 and have been very happy with it.

It all boils down to preference.

Which service do you use to stream? Are you currently a member with either Funimation of Crunchyroll? Let us know in the comments!

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