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Captain Marvel Brings Back Magic Eye Pictures

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I am more than hyped to see Captain Marvel which comes out THIS week! What’s even more exciting is the 90’s page it has, and the fact we saw Blockbuster video in the trailer. 90’s babies rejoice with me as the PR team for the movie has once again brought back nostalgia.

I give you the Magic Eye Captain Marvel Style! For those of you unfamiliar, this was widely popular back in the 90’s.

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I give major credit to the PR Team, they are killing it! Keep my childhood coming I am begging you!.

Ah, takes me back to elementary school and all of us fighting over who gets the Magic Eye book first. The one with Goose did stump me a bit, but I got it eventually. Magic Eye and Captain Marvel, what could be better, am I right?

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8th.

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