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‘Scalebound’ Could be Switch-Bound

Platinum Games’ Scalebound had a lot of potential. As a dragon-centric RPG, players were to play as Drew who is accompanied by his dragon partner Thuban across the world of Draconis. Then, Microsoft suddenly cancelled the game in early 2017 for falling short of its standards for exclusives. Hopeful players may be getting a second chance to experience this dragon-centric game though. According to a report by Nintendo Insider’s Alex Seedhouse, Scalebound may be coming to the Switch.

Drew of Scalebound
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A Switch release of the game would require a scaling back of the original graphics shown for the game in its 2015 trailer. It would also require a shift in gameplay controls to better match the mechanics of the Nintendo Switch. Scalebound was a passion project for Platinum co-founder and game director Hideki Kamiya. In January 2017, Kamiya expressed disappointment over the game’s cancellation. His statement made it clear that he wanted to continue the project if given the chance.

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Drew and Thuban

The future of Scalebound is uncertain, but this latest speculation gives the game new hope to finally see the light of day. Players may soon get to explore the world of Draconis, complete with giant Pulse mushroom, alongside their dragon companion. I for one think that is a world worth exploring.

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