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Nintendo Brings Labo to Elementary Classes

Nintendo Labo is a fairly new way to play the Nintendo Switch, where you build certain things out of cardboard and play interactive games. It’s been highly praised from everyone saying it’s a new and fun way to play video games. The Labo has always had the platform for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) foundation and now with there help they’re putting them in elementary classes across the US.

The kit itself is fairly easy to put together, so it won’t be hard at all with grade school students. With the kit you can make a range of things from a fishing rod, piano, RC cars and many more! In a statement said by Arana Shapiro Co-Executive Director of the Institute of Play

“We are always on the lookout for new tools and technologies that combine the best of learning with the spirit of play, and in Nintendo Labo we found an inspiring and innovative approach in both areas.”

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“Teachers in the pilot program are already seeing the natural fit for Nintendo Labo in the classroom, and now we can bring that dynamic to schools across the country”

The program is in its early stages in schools in New York. The Institute of Play are using the data from school teachers, so they can fully use it for educational purposes. Once the test is complete it’s expected to expand to about 100 schools across the US. In order to be considered for this program schools can apply at the Institute of Play’s Website.

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