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We Think Gotham TV Series Cast Bane

With the fifth and final season of Gotham not premiering until 2019 their will be a lot of speculation as to who the new villains will be this season and what the plot of the final season will center around. Recently Gotham announced that it had cast Nikita actor Shane West as Eduardo Dorrance as reported by Deadline. Eduardo Dorrance will be a war buddy of Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and has arrived with an elite group of soldiers to restore order to Gotham’s No Mans Land.

For fans of DC comics the name Eduardo Dorrance should sound fairly familiar as that is the alias for the villain know as King Snake who also happens to be the father of Batman’s enemy, Bane.

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With Gotham putting its own twist on notoriou Batman villains such as The Penguin, Azrael, and Ra’s Al Ghul, Shane West could indeed be playing Bane instead of the characters father as it would make much more sense of the story of Batmans origin. With the series coming to an end it would almost be necessary to introduce a rogue with status like Bane.

Of course Gotham could be trying something complete new and outlandish as it has before with certain characters in the Batman universe. Unfortunately we will have to wait until next year to find out. If rumors are true and Shane West turns out to be playing Bane let us hope that young Bruce doesn’t have his spine broken to soon by the villain.

Gotham returns to Fox in 2019 be sure to check it out then!

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