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‘Zombieland Saga’ Anime Trailer Drops and It’s a Gnarly Good Time

Japan continues the art of parody like few others can in the new trailers for ‘cute girls screaming and dying’ anime Zombieland Saga. Starting with an adorable pop idol girl primping in the mirror, the trailer quickly switches gears and gets gross.

In short- people are going to die.

But wait! It’s going to be really cute when it happens.

From Cygames and the team that brought us Yuri on Ice comes a fantasy surrealist anime about characters making gnarly faces just in time for the Halloween season. In a market dominated by gentle slice of life shows, seeing characters screaming with flesh eating monsters and blood dominating the screen is great. Personally, I just love when cartoons do cartoony things. And check out some of the facial expressions and drawings in this show. Super gnarly, super deformed, super unrealistic.

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I haven’t seen faces this dynamic since Shinji made that face. You know which one I’m talking about.

Okay, fine, it was this one.

The 12-episode series will premiere October, 2018.

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