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These Mystery Science Theater Trading Cards Are Owning Life On Kickstarter

Experiments, Invention Exchanges, KTMA, Metals, Cels, Sketch Cards, Glow in the Dark, Limited Editions and a whole lot more!

We truly live in a glorious time. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is one of my longest running fandoms. I remember when we used to have to buy ill-fitting shirts, blown out posters, and CDs which I hope Joel Hodgeson burned on his own computer. But now, not only is there an amazing amount of new merchandise on the shelves, but the MST3K crew knows that crowd-funding is the way to go with this incredible series. As many of us know, when the rights to the show reverted back to Hodgeson, a modern day miracle happened that lead to Season 11 of the show (which found its home on Netflix). Since then, MST3K has found a whole new world of fans ready to eat up everything that its willing to serve.

Most amazing about this card set, which still has 27 days left on its campaign and far exceeded its original goal of $2,500 is the fan involvement. Incredible artist Jaime Hitchcock, owner of ‘Mystery Scribble Theater’ actually created some of the designs in the card set! It’s amazing how wonderful the MST3K crew is to their fans and how they let us in on the magic!

From the Official Kickstarter page:

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trading Cards Series Two is COMING! And SOON! Current plan is to have the series released late in October. And Series Two picks up right  where Series One left off. While the first series of MST3K Trading Cards’ base  sets covered the Invention Exchanges and Experiments of the first three seasons,  this second series covers original seasons four, five, six and seven… PLUS a  special subset covering the KTMA episodes. Series Two sees the end of the Joel  era and the start of the Mike Nelson era … the end of the TV’s Frank era and  the start of the Pearl era. As with MST3K Trading Cards Series One, all episodes  (invention Exchanges and Experiments) are covered.

The  entire second series is designed and already through the approval process and  heading right into printing production. And as we did in the first Kickstarter,  this Kickstarter includes exclusives available ONLY for backers. This pre-order  campaign runs from September 1st through September 30th.

For a complete report of everything coming out with this set, you’ve got to visit the Kickstarter page. You can see more cool Mystery Science Theater 3000 inspired art from the card set below!


Examples of EXPERIMENT cards ... look for scarce VARIATIONS CARDS!

Examples of the Steve Vance Mini Poster Art Cards (with Shout! Factory DVD menu graphics on the backs)

Examples of RIFF IT Cards ... 11 different 9 card sets covering 11 different MST3K-featured movies

Keep Going!
1 of 864

Examples of just ONE of the 36 different Christian LeBlanc designed MST3K Anaglyph 3D cards in MST3K Series Two

An example of the 22 different KTMA era MST3K cards

Example of one of the 1990s MST3K: The Movie promo cards ... reprinted here for the first time. Collect all 9!

Examples of the MST3K Sketch Card Artist GALLERY promo cards... promoting the sketch cards to be found in random packs of MST3K Trading Cards.

Special Production 'mini clip-out cards' box topper panels. Complete set in EVERY box of MST3K!

1 of 24 different Macarie Limited Edition Portrait Cards

1 of 9 different GLOW IN THE DARK Mystery Science Theater 3000 rare cards

Examples of genuine printing plates to seek and find in packs of MST3K Trading Cards Series Two

Examples of genuine, original art sketch cards randomly inserted in packs of MST3K Trading Cards (naturally every master set has ONE sketch card)

Examples of 2 (of 4 different) MST3K Faux Cell Cards ... EVERY cell in EVERY card is unique. No two cell cards are alike

5 of 9 different Metal Box Topper cards to collect

Are you an MST3K fan? Are you excited for this awesome set of trading cards? Tell Nerdbot about it in the comments!


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