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4 Shows for Any Western Fan (While You’re Waiting for Deadwood)

The new Deadwood film has officially gotten the greenlight by HBO. The show was an awesome old school, in your face Western. But if you’re craving more western-influenced shows while you’re waiting for the new Deadwood to arrive, here are some interesting and unique shows that have a western vibe to them.

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Note, while some of these are ongoing and others have been finished for years, all of them should be the right combo of awesome to appease any Western fan).

  1. Wynonna Earp April 1 2016-ongoing 3 seasons: Set in the fictional town of Purgatory lives Wynonna Earp the great great great granddaughter of the most famous wild west hero Wyatt Earp she fights against the resurrected versions of Wyatt’s kills. If you are a  fan of shows like Supernatural and Van Helsing this adds the elements of those shows and creates a whole new type of story that is fun and enjoyable. The fact that it is a strong female main character with references to some of the most famous outlaws and heroes of the wild west makes it even more fun.


  2. Longmire- 2012-2017 it had 6 seasons. A modern western set in Wyoming. A sheriff and his deputies investigate crime in there small town. Mixing gunfights romance and politics all together it blends itself nicely into a mix of cop drama and western. If you enjoy shows like NCIS and Blue Bloods this is a show for you. If you are looking for a new crime drama this show is a neat combo.
  3. Firefly- 2002-2003 1 seasons and film. A sci-fi outer space western. While this show is short it has become a cult classic since it has gone off air. It combines traditional cowboy activities and weapons with the back drop of being in space. With train robbers, dances and fights it is everything you could ask of a true western.  This series is one of the best all time shows of sci fi it was taken off air long before its time and needs to be renewed so we can see more adventures of captain Mal and his crew.
  4. Westworld-10/2/16 it is current ongoing with 2 seasons,  A show that combines science fiction elements with robotics and questions of ethics while set upon the backdrop of a Wild West amusement park where people travel and pay to live out there wildest fantasy. While the western elements are there it is actually the science fiction that makes this shows unique. As the visitors go the park they play with robots who can’t be killed no matter how much they hurt them.

Are you a fan of Westerns? 

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