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Anime-Weekly Exclusive: TeddyLoid Interview (Two New Albums Out Now!)

In 2015, cosplayers at conventions across the country donned purple gloves, stockings, and bright pink frocks. Anime fans far and wide quickly learned the location of the blue haired mascot, known as the famous girl from the Me!Me!Me! video. Me!Me!Me! was composed by TeddyLoid with vocals provided by Daoko that was debuted by Studio Khara […]

Nerdbot Eats Snakku Treats From Japan

Nerdbot would like to thank Snakku for providing us with review box of Japanese treats to taste test!   Like many people who developed a love of Japanese culture (up to and including anime, yes) at a young age, I have always been intrigued by Japanese snacks. While many of my friends grew up with […]

Kōhei Horikoshi Making First US Appearance At Comic Con International

Viz Media made an announcement publically on their social media that the famous My Hero Academia mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi will be traveling to the US for his first appearance appearance at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2018. Viz Media has also posted this video featuring the creator: If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia,  there will be a panel you can attend. Voice actors Christopher […]

Anime Expo Announces Anisong World Matsuri Concert Events

 Anime Expo is the largest anime and Japanese pop culture event in North America. The larger it grows, the more world famous talent they can book straight from Japan. 2018 promised to be no exception, with Anime Expo’s social media pages posting teasers the entire week leading up to their announcement. Every year they host […]

My Favorite Yonkoma (Or Four Panel Manga)

If you’re an avid manga reader, chances are you’ve seen a specific story telling style where each installment of the series conveys it’s situations from start to finish using only four panels of the same size. This manga style is called Yonkoma. It’s primarily used for gag manga, where the story is told through short […]

“My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes” Trailer Debuts

  Today is April 5th. Four days after April Fool’s Day and two days before My Hero Academia Season 3 Premiere. Fans were already excited about the Simulcast Dub this weekend on FunimationNow,  but they were given an additional treat. A newly released trailer of the series’ first film My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes. (僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE […]

Aniplex of America Takes on Persona5 Anime

  We absolutely saw this coming (hahahaha)… there’s going to be a new PERSONA animated series! Not only that, but Aniplex of America has already launched a website for it in the USA! Aniplex of America just launched the official U.S. website and formally announced that they have acquired PERSONA5 the Animation as part of […]