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“Robot Chicken” Announces New Archie Comics-Inspired Special

We are delighted to share the news that an all new “Robot Chicken” special is on the way! It ought to interest fans of Archie Comics, as that’s exactly what “Riverdale High: The Bleepin’ Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special“ will be all about! Right off the bat, we know the special has a pretty amazing […]

Riverdale Season 3 Returning This October with: The Gargoyle King

Mark your calendars for October 10th, cause Riverdale is returning! Riverdale fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting whatever dark turns this strange interpretation of the Archie comics takes. This time, be prepared for an even more strange shenanigans on the show as we get insight on the next Big Bad: The Gargoyle King. Yes, you read […]

DC Universe Continues to Unload their Stuff on the CW

New reports from tally that we’re up to five the DC series on the air, and a high-profile Batwoman pilot set for this coming season. How big can the DC footprint on the network get? “We have five on the air but we also added a sixth night (of network programming),” the CW president Mark Pedowitz said during the network’s […]

Ready, Set, Reboot Everything

Hey guess what guys! They’re rebooting Greatest American Hero, that show you saw clips of on I Love The 80’s! If that’s not you’re cup of tea, you can look forward to reboots/revivals of Charmed, now with more feminism, because I guess that was a problem with the first one, or Murphey Brown, or Roseanne, […]