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Nerdbot Cinema Reviews: “From Dusk Til Dawn” Turns 25 This Month

January and February are a weird time of year for cinema. It’s typically dumping season for studios; the fire sale of movies that will never qualify for the closed awards season but desperately need to get off their shelf. “From Dusk til Dawn” feels oddly out of place and perfect for this time. It’s star […]

Sounds Like Quentin Tarantino Will NOT Direct a “Star Trek” Movie

Remember how…confused…we all were when director Quentin Tarantino announced his plans to write and direct an R-Rated upcoming “Star Trek” film? Sure, we were morbidly curious to see what he would do with the property from a purely academic stance- but we can all agree it would have been pretty bat-shit crazy. Just this week, […]

Tarantino’s Star Trek Movie Won’t Shy Away From ‘the Horror of Space’ reports that filmmaker Quentin Tarantino intends to make his planned Star Trek film with the cast of the rebooted film series that began in 2009 and the acclaimed director won’t be holding back on the more mature content. While appearing at the Star Trek fan convention Trekonderoga in New York over the weekend, Urban provided some interesting details about […]