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Legacy Luke and Leia Lightsabers Release, Immediately Sell Out

It’s May the 4th, and that means ALL THE “STAR WARS” stuff. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but a set containing new Legacy lightsaber hilts of Luke and Leia were released this morning, and promptly sold out. It’s not just any set either. Nestled in a replica of the chest Rey places the two hilts in […]

Ming-Na Wen’s Absolutely Perfect Carrie Fisher Story

It’s been four years since the galaxy lost of the great heroes, Carrie Fisher. Rebel, Princess, writer, General, advocate, mother- she was all these things and more. Her presence is still felt, even moreso than her absence at times. This morning, fellow “Star Wars” icon Ming-Na Wen shared the most perfect Carrie Fisher convention story, […]

New Battle at Echo Base “Star Wars” Funko Pop Vinyl Princess Leia!

We’re not proud of the sound we made seeing the newest item in the FUNKO Pop Vinyl Battle at Echo Base “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” 40th anniversary figure, because it’s FREAKING PRINCESS LEIA! She’s an Amazon exclusive, and she’ll be released on November 25th. You can preorder her here. Leia is the 5th […]

Simon Pegg Tells an Absolutely Perfect Carrie Fisher Story

There are celebrities who leave their lasting impression on their fans past the simple fame aspect. Their very personalities, their traits, their humor, stay with us sometimes long after we lose them. One of these is the late and wonderful Carrie Fisher. While most know her simply as Princess Leia from “Star Wars,” or as […]

Mark Hamill Calls ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ “Bittersweet Without Her”

Mark Hamill has weighed in via Twitter on the news that Carrie Fisher will appear in the upcoming Star Wars, sending out a tweet calling it “bittersweet.”  He also confirmed that he and Billy Dee Williams will be in the upcoming installment. “It’s bittersweet facing my final chapter without her-She is simply irreplaceable,” said Hamill. “I’m finding […]