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Cup Noodles Releasing Apparel for Godzilla’s 67th Birthday

You read that right! For Godzilla’s 67th birthday a brand new Godzilla and Cup Noodles apparel collaboration is coming in 2022! Get ready to show your love of both Godzilla and Nissin’s Cup Noodles with upcoming merch. So far there’s no images of the apparel but we do have the art that will be used […]

Official Godzilla Hot Sauce and Coffee Now Available

Rising from the depths to appease the appetite of hot sauce and caffeine aficionados everywhere, the King of the Monsters has thrown his gigantic hat in the food scene with a range of official Godzilla hot sauces and signature coffee. Available separately or as a set of five, each hot sauce is named for one […]

Mondo Announces 2 New Mothra Posters and GIANT Statue

The past few years have proved to be an amazing time to be a Godzilla fan.Mondo is about to share even more love with fans of the King with their exclusive debut of new collector’s items featuring the Queen of the Monsters herself, Mothra! This drop will come in the form of two posters designed […]

Jim Lee Live Sketched Godzilla During a Twitch Stream

If you know of anyone that is a fan of comic books or the artwork of comics, then just mention the name of Jim Lee and their eyes will widen in recognition of the titular artist known for his DC comics run, as well as other impressive work for other companies. Lee, who is currently […]