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Rumor Time: Is There Already A Plan To Reboot The Fantastic Four?

Stop, uh, Rumor Time! When you’re looking for topics to write about for Nerdbot, the Disney, Fox Acquisition could be a plethora of potential stories just waiting to be broken. Obviously the relevance for our readers lies mostly in the integration of the Fox Marvel characters to the Disney Marvel Cinematic Universe. You know, the […]

9 Unsung Superhero Themes To Add To Your Playlist

Every comic book movie fan has their favorite superhero theme music. I can guarantee you’ll find John Williams’ Superman and Danny Elfman’s Batman themes on any top ten list. Newer tracks like Hans Zimmer’s Wonder Woman and Alan Silvestri’s Avengers themes have also become modern classics. But what about lesser known superhero scores? What about […]

The Death and Return of the Fantastic Four

Once upon a time in the dark ages know as the 1950’s, superhero comics were dead. Despite what Marvel hopes you’ll believe, Captain America limped along until 1954. DC’s heroes fell until the big 3 remained. Wonder Woman was on her last leg. Batman was unrecognizable, fighting monsters and aliens. Really, only Superman survived unchanged […]

X-Men and Fantastic Four’s Murky Future

Unfortunately, no. Marvel does want the rights back. But reports early in November about Disney looking to buy out 20th Century Fox have apparently already been scuppered. Multiple news outlets, including Bloomberg, are saying that the two companies have already decided they can’t reach a deal. This is sad news for many, as anyone who is […]

Disney to Buy Fox?

Image Source: Disney.  Rumors – and a stock market bump – surround Disney being in talks with 21st Century Fox to buy much of their entertainment side. Fox would retain some properties, mainly Fox News and Fox Sports, while Disney would end up with much of the movie and TV rights… Wow. The empire of […]