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Marvel Comics Legend Joe Sinnott has Passed Away

We are so very sad to share the news that legendary Marvel Comics inker Joltin’ Joe Sinnott has passed away.

The news was shared by Sinnott’s family via his official Facebook page:

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Sinnott’s credits across Marvel are long and storied, and include a truly remarkable stint on Fantastic Four from 1965 to 1981. Virtually every major title from The Avengers, The Defenders and more had work by Sinnott. He even continued to ink The Amazing Spider-Man Sunday comic strip until his retirement in 2019.

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Stan Lee once cited Sinnott as the company’s most in-demand inker, saying: “Pencilers used to hurl all sorts of dire threats at me if I didn’t make certain that Joe, and only Joe, inked their pages. I knew I couldn’t satisfy everyone and I had to save the very most important strips for [him]. To most pencilers, having Joe Sinnott ink their artwork was tantamount to grabbing the brass ring.” (“Introduction by Stan Lee” in Lasiuta, Tim (2007). Brush Strokes with Greatness: The Life & Art of Joe Sinnott.)

The comics industry is remembering Joe across social media, including this tweet from Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics Jim Lee:

Rest well, Joltin’ Joe, thank you for so many years of incredible work.

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