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Bill & Ted Face The Music

Why “Bill & Ted Face the Music” Works, 30 Years Later [Opinion]

In pre-pandemic work, Hollywood seemed set on either rebooting or adding new sequels to just about every franchise in existence. The running trend has been anything 15-25 years old is due for another installment. Nevermind the fact that it is rarely a film anyone asked for, with most fans groaning and rolling their eyes at […]

“Bill & Ted Face The Music” Moves Up One Week! [Video]

We are so totally thrilled to share this news, dudes! “Bill & Ted Face The Music” is moving up it’s VOD (and theatrical) release by an entire week, which means we’ll be seeing The Great Ones of Wyld Stallyns this month! Thanks to Orion Pictures, we need this. The video celebrates the hilarious and heartfelt […]

Most Excellent: The “Bill & Ted Face the Music” SDCC Panel

If, like us, you are still really hoping to see “Bill & Ted Face The Music” this year, we’ve got some good news for you. Starting RIGHT NOW (3pm PST), you can watch the Kevin Smith-hosted San Diego Comic Con panel all about the third installment in the most excellent Bill & Ted Franchise.  Keanu […]

New “Bill and Ted Face the Music” Trailer, Release Date!

We are so happy to report that one of our most anticipated films of the year, “Bill & Ted Face the Music” will release both theatrically and VOD this year. According to this brand-new trailer and poster released this morning, Wyld Stallyns will gallop into select theaters (assuming they’re able to reopen) September 1st 2020, […]

Bill & Ted Give Graduation Congrats to San Dimas High School

SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES. We love “Bill & Ted,” and cannot wait for the third chapter of the franchise, “Bill & Ted Face the Music” to hit theaters eventually. We are delighted to share this adorable congratulations video from Bill & Ted themselves, Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, to the 2020 Class of […]