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Be Excellent to Yourself with These Coloring Book Pages, Courtesy of ‘Bill & Ted 3’

If youre anything like us, then you are most excited for Bill and Ted Face the Music. Which is going to be the third installment of the Bill and Ted movies popularized in the late 80’s. Starring of course, your favorite duo Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves.

What is most definitely not most excellent is the social distancing we are currently facing. Leaving us bored and it’s totally bogus. But Bill and Ted are here for us during these trying times. Bill and Ted 3 has given us some coloring pages to do as an activity while we re-watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and maybe Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Artify – Square

Yes way! Below, you can print out any or all three pages provided to us. Relive the good times with some classic Bill & Ted iconography, including the phone booth, guitars of course, and a classic rock-on symbol. They also have words of encouragement as well as PSAs on how to conduct yourself during times of social distance. “Be excellent to each other and phone your friends” reminds us to stay social even if we are apart. “Be excellent to each other and wash your hands” is a good one to remember and practice. It’s so pure!

So far it seems the film is still set for release August 21, 2020 although we are unsure how current things with Covid19 will be affecting this date at this time. However, we are more than happy to keep you up to date if we hear anything about delays about what is sure to be a most stellar film.

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