Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Adorable Dinosaur Baby Booties and Onesies for Your Tiny Monsters

These dinosaur booties are perfect for your tiny monsters, no matter if they're T-Rexs or Long Necks.

Another LAX Jet Pack Sighting- Same Guy or New Guy?

Remember at the beginning of September when reports were coming in from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) that pilots had spotted what...

5 Exciting Reasons Why Online Mobile Gambling is a Must-Try

The growth of online mobile gaming can hardly go unnoticed. However, some individuals are bent on archaic methods...

Chris Hemsworth is Pretty Damn Fired Up for His “Mad Max: Furiosa” Role

We were delighted to break the news yesterday that Anya Taylor Joy had officially been cast for the upcoming 5th film in...

Nicolas Cage Film “Jiu Jitsu” Looks Ridiculous and Possibly…Fun?

Any time a new Nicolas Cage film is on the horizon, we know what to expect- for the most part. When Cage...

Nerdbot Cosplay Spotlight: Ayaku

You never know when you’ll be inspired by someone you see online. I’m happy to introduce a cosplayer from the Czech Republic, Ayaku.

The Hacksmith Built a Real, Working Lightsaber [Kinda]

HELLO THERE. It's finally happened- someone has figured out how to create a real, working lightsaber. The Hacksmith (James Hobson), who is...

Need Asteroid Insurance? Florida Company Wants to Cover You!

Yet another thing to add to 2020 Bingo- an asteroid named 2018 VP1 will pass close to Earth around November 2nd (as...

This Haunted Mansion Book Nook Makes Us Miss Disneyland

This amazing book nook is inspired by The Haunted Mansion at the Disneyland Resort and was a collaboration between Cryptic Industries and Matt Maldonado.

William Shatner Releases an AMAZING “I Put a Spell on You” Cover

We just needed to take a minute and tell you about this brand-new cover William Shatner just released, because it's amazing. Seriously-...

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