Wednesday, October 14, 2020
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Great Gothic Decor: Coffin Altars and Shelves For Your Lair

These Gothic Decor coffin altars and shelves are the perfect items to spruce up your lair this Halloween.

Buy Your Own “Hocus Pocus” Black Flame Candle!

Just keep this "Hocus Pocus" Black Flame candle away from any virgins and you'll be fine!

“Silence of the Lambs” Buffalo Bill’s House Available for Purchase?!

Ok so it's maybe not a real murder house, but the iconic three-story Victorian house location from Jonathan Demme's incredible "Silence of...

All Regal Cinemas Ceasing Operation as of Wednesday October 8th

This just in- Cineworld owned and operated Regal Cinemas chain have made the public statement that they will be shuttering and halting...

“Utopia”: Darkly Funny Series That Hits Too Close to Home [Review]

Though unnerving at times, "Utopia" is still worth a watch for those willing to stomach its premise.

You Can’t Just KEEP Your Loved One’s Skulls, Ok?

No, you just CAN'T keep your dearly departed loved-one's skulls for art projects and stuff, ok? We know it sucks.

Netflix Greenlights Ryan Murphy Limited Series about Jeffrey Dahmer

There's a new limited series coming to Netflix about the murders of Jeffrey Dahmer told from the perspective of the victims.

Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum Reenact Classic “Jurassic Park” Chaos Theory Scene

If there was ever a movie set we could sneak onto right now (you know, since Dune is done and all)- we...

Some JERK Attacked Rick Moranis in New York City Yesterday

We are absolutely shocked to be reporting this news, friends. Someone, some absolute idiot jerk, attacked actor Rick Moranis in New York...

Parrots Who Taught Each Other to Swear Removed From UK Safari Park

Some very fowl language caused these birds to be temporarily relocated.

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