Thursday, October 3, 2019

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Now Available on Nintendo Switch!

Our favorite Tunic clad hero is back!

Famous Horror Movie Actor Sid Haig Passes Away

Sid Haig has died at the age of 80

One Arrested, Another Detained at Area 51

So far one person has been arrested at Area 51

Find Out Where to Celebrate Batman Day With This Map from DC

Batman Day is tomorrow, September 21st this year and DC has created a helpful map for those of us who want to celebrate it.

10 Famous Cricketers and their Hollywood Look Alike

10 famous cricketers and their celebrity dopplegangers

Marilyn Manson Joins The Cast Of American Gods

cast just got a little bigger with the addition of shock-rock troubadour turned actor Marilyn Manson

Could You Survive Jason Voorhees?

The Halloween season brings out the spook in everyone! One company is bringing Jason Voorhees to life in an interactive event - F13: Survive Jason.

‘Orphan Black’ Continues the Story on Serial Box

The official continuation to Orphan Black can be heard on Serial Box.

Alex Trebek Back in Chemotherapy

Alex Trebek is undergoing more chemotherapy after doctors said he was in near remission. A set back occurred and now they have reason to believe this is the best path of treatment.

Must Have Harry Potter-inspired Clothing

We all know at least five people in our lives who are fans - if not obsessed - with The Wizarding World, more specifically Harry Potter. Grab your wands, collect your Chocolate Frog Cards and hop on those brooms (or enchanted Muggle devices) and check out some Harry Potter - inspired clothing.

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