Thursday, August 8, 2019

Hulk Vs.Thor Fight Scene with Lightsabers!

ImmersionVFX has made an epic scene even better with the addition of Lightsabers

New Website Allows Fans to Plan Pokemon-Themed Vacation to Japan

Pokemon Local Acts has just unveiled an English version of their site for any fans interested in Pokemon-related tourist spots.

Rosa Salazar Wants to Play Alita “Til My Last Breath”

Rosa Salazar confirms she would play Alita forever!

Even More Nightmare Before Christmas Home Decor at Target!

More Nightmare Before Christmas swag spotted at target!

Man Brings 1600 lb Bull into Petco Testing Leashed Animal Policy

Petco confirmed to allow ALL leashed animals

Leonardo DiCaprio: Pupusas are Better than Tacos

Leonardo DiCaprio admits, "I'm more of a Pupusa fan myself," and the internet goes crazy

Petition to Move Halloween to Third Saturday of the Month Gains Traction

The Halloween Costume Association created a growing petition to change Halloween to the third Saturday in October.

Russi Taylor Voice of Minnie Mouse Has Passed Away

The voice of Minnie Mouse has passed away at the age of 75

Kit Kat’s Pumpkin Pie Flavor Hits Shelves This August!

Pumpkin pie kit kat's hit shelves this august!

“Wonder Women Burlesque” Returns To Los Angeles

Wonder Woman Burlesque returns to Los Angeles

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