Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Happy Birthday Fred and Wilma: “The Flintstones” Movie Turns 26

"The Flintstones" came out in theaters May 1994. The movie is now 26 and we can still remember the McDonald's toys.

Amazon’s “The Vast of Night” is the Way Anthology Sci-Fi Should Feel [Review]

A mysterious sound spurs a small-town telephone operator to enlist the local DJ to try to discover its source at the dawn of the space age.

Ryan Gosling to Play the “Wolfman” for Universal’s Dark Universe

Sounds like Universal Pictures is still trying to make their Dark Universe happen, and 2-time Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling is on track...

How to Play X-23: Punch Hugh Jackman Really Hard

Casting stories are some of our favorites; auditions and readings and how exactly iconic characters were brought to life through those first...

Paramount Working on “Sonic the Hedgehog” Sequel

Sounds like the powers that be at Paramount Pictures and SEGA are ready to run full-out towards a "Sonic The Hedgehog" sequel!

Cate Blanchett Will be Lilith in Eli Roth’s “Borderlands” Movie

We are very pleased to report that Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett will star in the upcoming live-action "Borderlands" film from director Eli Roth as character Lilith.

[Rumor] Henry Cavill’s Superman Isn’t Done in Warner Bros. Universe

Could Henry Cavill be coming back to Warner Bros. DC universe as Superman?

Zack Snyder Shares New Darkseid “Justice League” Photo

Today is the day that HBO Max launches, and "Justice League" continues to be their hot topic seller. Just this morning, director Zack Snyder shared a never before seen image of bad guy Darkseid.

“Casper” Turns 25: How the Movie Changed My Life

"Casper" came out 25 years ago today, and for some of us that movie meant changes in our lives. What did you enjoy most from the movie? And how did it affect you growing up?

2020 Etheria Film Festival to Stream on Shudder

The 2020 Etheria Film Festival will be streaming on AMC's Shudder next month, and we're so excited!

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You’ve Seen Baby Yoda, Get Ready for Baby Darth Maul

It's a little late but at least it's cute! We've found this baby Darth Maul on Twitter drawn by "PAW Patrol" artist...

Nintendo Plushies Lined Seats at Korean Baseball Game

Practicing social distancing can be hard, but people are finding more and more ways to be creative with it. This Korean Baseball game used Pokemon plushies to line the seats to feel less empty.

“Star Wars” Boba Fett Inspired Stoneware is Coming!

Get ready for the next season of the Mandalorian with a cool new Boba Fett dinner set!