Friday, January 24, 2020

Five Tips for Enjoying Anime Los Angeles

Every year, cosplayers emerge from their winter cocoons to experience, the one, the only, Anime Los Angeles. A stark contrast from it’s sister con, Anime Expo, Anime Los Angeles offers intimacy, affordable hotels within walking distance, and the absence of the brutal southern California summer...

Fanime 2017 Photo Gallery

Hey Anime Fans! We have all the exclusive photos of our favorite cosplayers and Fanime in general! Check out Fanime every May in San Jose!  

Fanime 2017 Brings Once In A Lifetime Memories To Attendees

Fanime is one of the largest and most popular conventions not only in California, but in the country. If you haven't had the opportunity to attend Fanime, let this article be your eyes and ears, because it isn't something you would want to miss! A...

World War Brick 2017 Convention Review

World War Brick ascended upon Anaheim CA for the weekend to show off local talent as well as some of the amazing creations by artists from around the area as well as the large showpieces which tour along with World War Brick itself as...

Arcade Expo: Retro Fun

Like pagers, portable CD players, and collect call lines, brick and mortar arcades are often viewed as a retro novelty of yesteryear. But to those who grew up around them, arcades were more than just a place to pass time and burn through pocket...

Your Guide to Winter Anime Conventions in Southern California

 Cosplayer: Girl With The 1 Eye It’s finally time to wear that warm, full body cosplay that’s been on your dream cosplay list since mid-May. Instead of subjecting yourself to the Los Angeles heat waves in head to toe EVA foam, you decided to work...

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016

This year LA Comic Con was amazing. It was hard to pick what part of it was better than the other. Maybe it was seeing Stan Lee himself, or being able to see everyone in cosplay, or even all the amazing panels they had!...

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