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Hasbro Reveals Comic Con Exclusives Plus HasLab Updates

In a very special SDCC-themed Fan First Tuesday Facebook Live event, Hasbro’s Ryan Ting, Dwight Stall, and Dan Yun talked the HasLab Sentinel, upcoming releases, and SDCC exclusives. 

Earlier this month, HasLab, Hasbro’s crowdfunding platform, secured funding to produce a two-foot-tall Sentinel figure in just under 24 hours. Due to continued interest beyond the initial required funding, accessories unlock tiers were released. Pre-orders for this figure will continue through August 24, 2020 and thanks to support from fans, all three accessories tiers have been unlocked.

The highly articulate (he has over 20 points of articulation in just his hands) Sentinel will now include an alternate battle-damaged head, battle-damaged hand, two hand tentacles, a six-inch Bastion figure and a six- inch Female Sentinel Prime figure. The figure is expected to begin shipping in Fall 2021.

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Next up, a line of Deadpool 2 figures was announced for pre-order to include, Domino, a Deadpool/Negasonic 2-Pack, both available on and Cable Walmart Exclusive. The Walmart Cable pre-sale sold out immediately on release. The Deadpool figures feature a fun red and black package redesign with Deadpool’s signature sense of humor on full display. 

Also available for pre-order on Hasbro’s website is a set fans are fondly referring to as the “Two Old Men and a Baby” pack. The set features Old Man Logan, Old Man Hawkeye and the Baby Hulk along with accessories including alternate heads for Logan and Hawkeye, three bows for Hawkeye and alternate hands for Logan. Pre-order the set here. 

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Amazon snagged the Psylocke, Nimrod and Fantomex Exclusive 3-pack,  which comes with an impressive assortment of accessories from an alternate House of X Nimrod head to a variety of blast and butterfly effects. The set is available for pre-order here.

The long-awaited and highly anticipated First-Appearance Storm and Marvel’s Thunderbird Target Exclusive sold out immediately but their website lists an in-store release date of October 4, 2020 for fans to look out for. Keep track of in-store release details and updates here.

And finally, SDCC Exclusives include a movie verison Logan and Charles Xavier 2-pack and Hellfire Club 4-pack. Logan comes with alternate head and hands while Charles sits in his signature which, it was revealed by Ryan Ting during the livestream, does not feature it’s signature “X” detail because Hasbro planned to repurpose the accessory for other sets. So, now we know that. The Hellfire Club set was by far the highlight of the reveal stream and a live sample unboxing revealed beautiful detail and artwork built into every part of the set. Both of these Con Exclusives are going to be made available to fans in the US and Canada on in September.

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