Thursday, May 28, 2020
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San Diego Comic Con Goes Virtual, Admission for All and No Lines Promised

San Diego Comic Con has announced Comic Con @ Home. No Lines, badges for all and pets are welcome

Wasteland Weekend Officially Postponed Until 2021

This news coming directly from the Wasteland Weekend website itself, this is no rumor!

Funko Pop! Releases Back to the Future 35th Anniversary Toys Including the Iconic Clock Tower

It should come as no surprise that in celebration of "Back to the Future" 35th Anniversary Funko is releasing a line of classic characters from the iconic movie trilogy.

EVO 2020 Officially Cancelled

EVO 2020 has been officially cancelled.

Anime Expo Announces Cancellation Due to Coronavirus

Anime Expo officially announced cancellation of the event today as California will not be ready to hold mass gatherings until much later than the date the event was scheduled.

San Diego Comic Con Announces Cancellation Due to Coronavirus

San Diego Comic Con officially announced cancellation of the event today.

FanimeCon Officially Postponed to 2021

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and many large functions being cancelled for safety concerns, FanimeCon has officially announced that they are deferring this year’s con to 2021.

Burning Man Cancelled, But Don’t Worry! They’re Doing A Virtual Burning Man Online

Burning Man in the desert may be cancelled but that's not stopping them from creating a virtual Black Rock City!

San Diego Comic-Con Will Make Cancellation Announcement Soon

San Diego Comic Con is currently working with the surrounding hotels to see what they can do about cancellation fees for attendees.

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TIL: When a Pelican Overheats it Pulls its Spine Out of its Mouth

Today we learned pelicans can pull up their spines to cool them off... and they have a crazy way of yawning.

Target Releases New Rainbow Iridescent Drinkware for Summer

Target just released some of the prettiest drinkware we've ever seen!

Ryan Reynolds is Fan Favorite to Play One Punch Man in Upcoming Movie

Who better than Ryan Reynolds to play One Punch Man, an indifferent super hero that can squash enemies without breaking a sweat?