Sunday, April 5, 2020

Kaylah Vargas

I've been critically reviewing fandoms and geek culture for eight years. After spending four years of college focusing on literary analysis, I now apply that passion to my hobbies and love for the geekdom.

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Sims 4 New Expansion: ‘Island Living’ has Mermaids and Magic EA chose to release their new expansion pack "Island Living" on Worlds Ocean Day. Why is this such a lovely choice?Because "Island Living" includes special features like...

Witcher Show Finishes Production

Netflix has been working on a show based on a book series by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, which later turned into the popular The Witcher game series. The Witcher show has been anticipated...

Fable 4 Details Leaked?

Reddit user HurtPotato went to the Xbox One subreddit to share a major leak. The video shared has since been deleted, but user LagSwag1 was able to snatch up the information before the deletion....

‘Blues Clues’ Returns with an Asian American Host!

Recently, Blues Clues released a sneak peek at the return of the familiar and favorite children's show. So many familiar characters shall be returning, but among them... an entirely new face!

‘The Boondocks’ Returning With a New Season on Adult Swim

John Witherspoon, (voice of “Granddad”) said on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience that The Boondocks is currently in pre-production for a new season. As of now, there is no...

Ben & Jerry’s Wants to Launch CBD Infused Ice Cream As Soon As It’s Legal

"We are committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as soon as it's legalized at the federal level" In a statement made Thursday (May 30th), Ben...

Static Shock Fan Film With $3K Budget Garners Attention

The popular cartoon Static Shock debuted in the early 2000s and gained the affection of many then. Static was also a character that appeared in Milestone and DC comics before that in 1993....

World Health Organization Calls “Gaming Disorder” a Disease- Gaming Association Responds

"Gaming disorder" will become officially recognized by the World Health Org on January 1, 2022. According to, WHO came to its conclusion based on consultations with a diverse team of experts.

Fable 4 Spotted on Microsoft’s Streaming Service

Back in October 2018, it was rumored and very nearly confirmed that Fable 4 was in development. Well, let's get our hopes up once again because we may have more solid proof than...



Jack Black Dances to A-ha’s Take On Me While Social Distancing

Jack Black takes a moment to cheer us all up while he's practicing social distancing at home.

Daniel Radcliffe Is Passing The Time Building Jurassic Park Out Of Legos

Daniele Radcliffe gets to show off his Jurassic Park Lego project on the Late Show via Skype. He's practicing social distancing by doing some fun projects!

These Anime Soap Bars “Reveal Themselves” To You The More You Use Them

If you needed some extra incentive for washing your hands, This could be what you're looking for.

Paris Opera To Stream Swan Lake And More For Free

The Paris Opera will be streaming their shows for the general public starting today!