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The Star Wars Furniture You Didn’t Know You Needed

Star Wars has only been a major part of your life following you all the way to now and beyond. You have your T-shirts and your shelf full of movies, and your collectibles. But- do you have Star Wars furniture? And no, I don’t mean that tiny chair made for an 8 year old.
Imperial Wings Easy Armchair
The Imperial TIE Fighter Wings Easy Armchair Courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue
Take a look at these sleek designs. Finally, Star Wars furniture for adults! Thanks to designer Kenneth Cobonpue, who launched this higher-end, Star Wars furniture collection. Initially for sale only in Philippines, these pieces are now available for the first time in the United States, at select retailers and showrooms across the country plus the District of Columbia. Unfortunately, online ordering is not yet an option.
Sidious Easy Armchair
The Sidious Easy Armchair alongside an Imperial TIE Fighter Wings End Table and a Little Jedi Floor Lamp. Courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue
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A little too much on the Dark Side? What an astute observation. These designs are definitely geared towards the Empire loving fans. Tie fighters along with the what clearly resembles Palpatine and Darth Vader, this set was made for the anti rebel in you.
Vader Easy Armchair
The Vader Easy Armchair. Courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue
Do not fret yet, Rebel Scum, I mean… Rebels. There is furniture for you yet. Such as this Chewy Piece.
Chewie Rocking Stool Courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue
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