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5 Games Starring Our Favorite Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

The mysterious lands of the pyramids, the Sphinx and of course—the beautiful Cleopatra go way back into eons of the past. Despite modern technology and massive upgrades with standards of life—Egypt still has its grounds rooted. 

Gaming is one such activity that has persisted over the years. One of the leading activities among Egyptians, such games have caught up on a global basis too. What better representative of such games other than our very own Cleopatra? Here are 5 of the best ones that you can find with the Queen!

1. Cleopatra’s Jewels 

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We cannot begin this list without mentioning Cleopatra’s Jewels. Having all the crucial tech elements needed to make an engaging game, Cleopatra’s Jewels is a must-try. Right off the bat, this game implores you to find all the jewels that are lodged within the pyramids. 

Sounds easy, right? Not so much. Firstly, the engaging graphics will mesmerize you to the extent that you might even forget that you are playing a game. The Egyptian-themed game is so pretty that you will need some time off to just stare in awe. 

Coming to the game itself, it gets tougher with each level. Your job is to solve the match-3 puzzles provided to you on the screen. Additionally, you have to destroy certain objects and hindrances present in the game itself. 

Fret not, for you will be provided with boosters and other elements to ensure in-game immunity (pun intended). Moreover, this game can be played both offline and online. This also doesn’t have any waiting periods as such. So, go ahead and install it right away! It’s available in the Google Play Store. 

2. Cleopatra Slots

If you wish to combine the aesthetics of Cleopatra and the functionality of an easygoing game, Cleopatra Slots is the right match for you. While it does make for a visually fruitful experience, the game itself is pretty entertaining too. 

The thing that makes slot games such a delight to play is the payouts involved. Rightly hailed as one of the all-time-greats when it comes to its niche, Cleopatra Slots is surprisingly easy to get hooked on to, just owing to its healthy payouts. 

All you have to do is use a few toggles here and there. There are plenty of them mind you—starting from the number of reels you wish to see, to things like how much you want to bet per spin. There is a lot for you to figure out, but the game has a pretty decent learning curve. 

Coming to the peripheral aspects of the game itself, those are wonderful too. The animations are on point, the sound effects are superb, and the game on the whole is extremely playable. Try it out for yourself!

3. Cleopatra—A Queen’s Destiny

There is no doubt that Cleopatra was the most beautiful creation of Providence itself. In order to end a then-prevalent Civil War, Akkad was in quest for the gorgeous goddess. Alas, he was kidnapped along with his daughter. 

This is where the game begins. Cleopatra—A Queen’s Destiny begins with you as Thomas, on a quest to find Akkad and his daughter. The love of your life, Iris, needs to be rescued in the game. Pretty difficult for a young Thomas, right? 

The game is all about wits. Its 3D representation of Egypt, its realistic approach to Cleopatra as the central theme—all make for a pretty exquisite gaming experience. What are you waiting for? Find Akkad right away!

4. Pharaoh + Cleopatra

Being a pharaoh isn’t just a matter of pride. It is also a matter of responsibility. Pharaoh + Cleopatra is just that tactical kind of a game. We don’t really wish to elaborate much on the visual appeal of the game. Rather, we want you to see the Egypt that the developers have created with your own eyes. Spoiler alert—it is outstanding!

Coming to the game itself, your job is to run the city and the Nile expansion. You need to be very tactful as to how you wish to allocate your funds, spend your resources, and focus on the expansion of the city. If you aren’t careful enough, your city will be in ruins—both physical and economical!

5. Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile

Much like the previous game, Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile demands you to build and expand the city that is in dire need of a leader. Based around the time of Cleopatra VII, the game is pretty intense if you can make it to be so. 

There are massive consequences if you cannot keep up with worldly affairs. Starting from internal problems like economic crises, to external problems like fear of expansion, this game will always keep you on your toes. 

Final Words

Having access to such games is not only delightful, but insightful as well. Sure, you get to exercise your wits and move your thumbs. At the same time, you get good insight into the serenity of civilizations back in the day. Pretty exciting, right?

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