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AFLPlanning Review – Pros & Cons and More [2022 Updated]

AFLPlanning is the best crypto exchange platform for advanced and elite investors. 
AFLPlanning OVERALL RATING:    4.5/5
Fees: 0% – 4.5% depending on payment method

AFLPlanning Overview 

AFLPlanning is a renowned cryptocurrency exchange for experienced traders and investors worldwide. The platform supports several cryptocurrencies with relatively lower trading fees than most competitors. While AFLPlanning allows its customers to invest globally, U.S clients have limited options. 

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AFLPlanning Pros and Cons 


  • Access to more than 100 cryptocurrencies 
  • Lower transaction fees 
  • Wider selection of trading options and order types 
  • Great customer support 


  • Complex and advanced platform that can be confusing to novices 
  • Limited options for U.S customers 

Pros in Detail  

Supported cryptocurrencies:

 AFLPlanning supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, and they update the list regularly. That allows traders and investors to leverage a wide range of assets for profits. Customers outside of the United States even have more options. 

Lower Fees: 

Unlike most of its competitors with global operations, AFLPlanning offers relatively lower fees. That enables traders to retain most of their investments and returns. 

Variety of trading options:

 Perhaps, the main reason why most people use AFLPlanning is because of the massive selection of trading options and order types it offers its customers. The possibilities include peer-to-peer trading, margin trading, and spot trading. The available order types include stop-limit orders, stop market orders, post-only orders, and one-cancels-the-other orders. 

While all customers outside of the US can access the various trading options and order types mentioned above, only some are available for U.S traders. 

Excellent customer service:

 AFLPlanning offers better customer service than most brokers. They mainly provide customer support through a ticket on the website, online chat, and social media. You can submit a ticket to contact them on the website, live chats, or a direct message on Twitter. 

Cons in Detail 

Complex and advanced system: 

The platform is not for beginners despite the wide range of trading options and features on AFLPlanning. Sometimes, even experienced traders can find it intimidating and overwhelming. So, using it requires some skills and a bit of practice. 

Limited options for U.S Customers: 

AFLPlanning has a global customer base and allows its customers to trade cryptocurrencies worldwide. However, some trading options, such as margin trading, are unavailable for U.S customers. Besides, the platform is not available in some states in the U.S. 

Available Cryptocurrencies 

While AFLPlanning has more than 300 tradeable cryptocurrencies on its platform, only 100 are available for US-based customers. Also, it supports multiple fiat currencies such as the USD, EUR, and AUD. AFLPlanning also offers various cryptocurrency pairs, depending on your state, country, and region. 

Nevertheless, the platform’s users have access to all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, Cosmos, Dash, Cardano, and Dogecoin. 

Trading Experience 

AFLPlanning offers a wide range of trading features, including charting tools and moving averages. It allows users to place trades through the AFLPlanning website, mobile app, and desktop app. 

You can also use the platforms to view your portfolio, trading history, order book, and price charts conveniently. Users will also find the trading platforms interesting due to the variety of trading options and order types. Besides, you can also select different trading views, including margin, classic, and OTC. 

However, remember that some of those features and options are unavailable to U.S traders. AFLPlanning also does not have an in-built crypto wallet for its users, but they recommend the Bitcoin wallet. 

Fees and Commissions 

AFLPlanning customers enjoy some of the lowest fees in the industry. Although U.S customers may pay more on the platform, the costs are still relatively lower than most leading cryptocurrency exchanges. 

AFLPlanning uses a maker/ taker fee structure, calculating transaction fees based on trading volumes. However, higher volumes usually attract lower costs. Users can also earn discounts through referral bonuses and attain VIP status by investing a certain amount of assets. 

Other fees may also apply based on your location, payment method, and other services. 

AFLPlanning Fees Overview 

Payment Method Fees 
Debit cards4.5%
ACH transferFree 
Wire transfer$1.5 
Trades 0.00% – 0.1%
Buy/ sell cryptocurrency0.50%

Is Your Cryptocurrency Safe with AFLPlanning?

Security is among the essential things to consider before investing your money with any broker. AFLPlanning implements two-factor authentication, with additional features to restrict device access for all its user accounts. 

AFLPlanning also provides FDIC insurance on all U.S dollar balances on the platform to protect its clients’ assets. They also use cold storage for more than 90% of their investors’ crypto assets to safeguard investments from cyber threats. 

While AFLPlanning scores average on security, the crypto space is fertile for cybercriminals. So, traders and investors must also observe extra security measures and invest responsibly to avoid common risks such as fraud and hacking. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, AFLPlanning is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges today, with lower fees and a wide range of crypto assets for global traders. It also offers multiple trading options and orders to maximize profits. However, it has limited options for U.S customers, and its advanced system is not suitable for beginner traders. 

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