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Wanna see Nicholas Cage as Dracula from “Renfield?”

America’s greatest living actor Nicholas Cage is playing Dracula. Upcoming horror-comedy “Renfield” shared first-look images exclusively to People, including Cage as the notable vampire.

In the photos, you can see him with his hair slicked back, white makeup, and purple lipstick. His nails are long in true vampire fashion with many rings and other accoutrements. He’s wearing a red suit which is perfect for spilling blood on as it shouldn’t show up to much.

It’s not the first time he’s played a vampire. Cage fans have also seen him go dark in “Vampire’s Kiss,” which came out in 1988. This new film has him done up in old Universal Monster style, and I think that it’s even more attractive on him than the other costumery he had before. Though those fake vampire teeth on Cage in 1988 are going to be hard to beat.

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Renfieldwill be premiering in theaters April 14th, 2023. Just a few days after Easter next year, and wonderfully appropriate for my sense of humor.

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