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Snow-Shoveling Kid Goes Viral After Exhausted Ranting to Local News

It’s always fun when you have a snow day. Unless you’re Carter Trozzolo, who spent the entire day shoveling snow for his family, his neighbors, and his friends. Trozzolo was interviewed on Toronto News CP24, and his reel is one of the best things you’ll see all day.

Rather than be excited to be on the news, he’s having a hard time answering questions because he’s so exhausted. And rightfully so, because shoveling snow is hard work!

“I…really wish I was in school right now,” he says.

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He’s pretty much how I feel on a daily basis embodied in a kid. He’s definitely a kindred spirit for a lot of people. Carter, while it’s unknown why he started shoveling has been doing a great job. It’s really labor intensive and hopefully his mom makes him a nice cup of cocoa when he gets home.

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