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Extreme Hoarding Discovered in Scion Brought to Mechanic

Ever wondered an extreme hoarder’s car looks like? It’s something that may inspire you to clean out your car, or want to light this one on fire.

This happened in Casper, Wyoming. The video obtained by Viral Hog was originally posted by the mechanic, who was installing a new window. You’ll also notice that the front windshield is cracked, but that would be hard to fix without trash falling out of the car.

Viral Hog/ YouTube
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Hoarding is a terrible mental illness that can effect your everyday life in the worst ways possible. For instance, this person probably has trouble seeing around them while driving. It’s a dangerous thing for everyone; the driver, and those around them on the road.

I’m actually concerned that police hadn’t pulled the Scion owner over to make them clean out the car.

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