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Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Most Brutal Outbursts, but as Heavy Metal

One of the things I don’t quite understand is watching “Hell’s Kitchen” for fun. Like seriously, who needs that kind of stress. Talk about a toxic workplace where there’s yelling and name calling and demoralizing on a daily basis. I couldn’t even handle when “Judge Judywould yell at defendants, but somehow I was able to watch chef Gordon Ramsay go on a tirade. Anyhow, that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. We’re here to watch another amazing video by Andre Antunes.

Antunes famously created amazing metal guitar songs from pig calling contests, and even that weird Arby’s guy. Apparently, some of Ramsay’s yelling has been pretty musical over the years, along with a couple of extra cameos from contestants. Also, a cute dog!

So please enjoy, and catch Chef Ramsay on one of his many series.

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