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Watch: Pig Calling Contest Gets Epic When Heavy Metal is Added

Yep, you read that headline and got an idea in your head and it IS just as cool as you would think. What is a pig calling contest without weird yelling? What is a heavy metal song without the same vocal element? Guitarist Andre Antunes decided to mash the two up, and the results are nothing short of amazing.

It makes you want to bang your head. Already he’s got the rhythm perfect for the pig calling contestants. Just wait until you get to the screams and squeals of the callers. I mean, I’d definitely put this on in the car if I was driving my kids friends around. It’s pretty perfect for embarrassing them but also rocking out to.

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For more fun videos from Andre, check out his YouTube channel here. He does all kinds of cool mashups. You definitely wont want to miss even one.

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