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Heavy Metal Accompaniment to “Weird Arby’s Guy” is EPIC

Guitarist André Antunes has put together yet another amazing video of him accompanying an odd internet video. This time, it’s Andrew Bowser, who put himself in the right place at the right time. Bowser is pretty good at showing up places and acting weird enough to get on the news. You may know him from his other appearances like the unveiling of the Satanic Temple’s statue in Detroit.

You’ll get to hear Bowser’s fun inflections as he describes when a car crashed into an Arby’s, along with some epic guitar riffs.

For me, I think this would be an interesting Broadway Musical. Just think about all the times that Bowser’s been on the news and create a story about a regular guy who just wants to leave a mark on the world. Listening in on police conversations and pulling from his enormous closet of costumes to make it there in time to be featured on TV. I’d watch it anyway.

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Follow André Antunes on YouTube here. You can also follow Bowser on his YouTube channel here.

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