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Clinical Trials For Elon Musk’s Brain Chip Neuralink Coming Soon

The brain chip Elon Musk claims could eventually cure depression and addiction will soon be getting a clinical trial. There have been job listings recently looking for someone to front the surgical side. The first trial candidates will be paraplegics, and those with limited limb functionality.

Musk previously said this microchip would be revolutionary, and possibly change the way we do things forever. The company had also previously released a video of Neuralink working inside a nine year old Macaque monkey.

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The chip inside the monkey is controlling what’s happening on screen. The joystick is only used to fake him out. He’s doing all of that onscreen just by thinking about what he wants to have it do. In a similar fashion, this chip is supposed to help those who have limited limb function use a computer or telephone by simply thinking about what they want to do.

Since our brains work on a network of electric impulses, this type of functionality doesn’t seem too farfetched. If they’re rolling out clinical trials, that means sooner rather than later well all be able to digitize some part of ourselves for future preservation. Which is a weird concept because that’s what all those crazy sci-fi shows we watched growing up were mostly about.

Musk says the robot would do all the work as far as inputting the device. You can get it installed, and theoretically leave the same day.

So far, there is no time frame for the roll out that we’re aware of but we’re keeping an eye on this news closely. Assuming they fill all the positions, it’s only a matter of time.

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