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3 Fun Facts About “League of Legends”

A New Type of Gaming

First there were primitive consoles. Arcades developed collateral to consoles owing to the expense of a home system. Arcades peaked out in the eighties, and consoles became more affordable. Computer gaming jumped in to fill the gap, becoming the new “expensive” option on the block.

In the nineties, console gaming saw its heyday. In the oughts, computer gaming saw its heyday. Now, owing to decentralization and the Internet of Things (IoT), we’re seeing a sort of hybridization between console and computer gaming, where consoles are basically just glorified web portals designed for specific gaming brands.

This decentralization has resulted in a new type of gaming: online multiplayer extravaganzas. One of the most impacting games of this type today is League of Legends, which you may already be familiar with. If you’re not, we’ll briefly explore three fun and perhaps surprising facts about this game here.

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1. It’s One of the Two Biggest MOBA Games in the World

League of Legends (LoL) is huge. Popularity begets popularity. LoL is a premiere eSport, and as such has notable visibility worldwide. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. LoL is perfectly suited for this “realm” of gaming. As of January, 2022, it’s still a top player internationally, and that’s likely to continue into the near future.

2. Champions Have Different Strengths and Weaknesses

When you know the strengths or weaknesses of a given character, you’ll have an easier time beating the competition. That’s one excellent reason to use resources like League of Legends stats, as available through the link, to help inform your choice of the champion.

It’s exceptionally important to understand stats; not only to help you be a better player, but for collateral reasons. A worldwide phenomenon incidentally produces an industry related to that phenomenon. Think about bookies, as an example. If you’re a gambler, you’re banking on your bet. If you’re a bookie, you’re banking on the money betters put down.

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The bookie can make consistent money without gambling too much; provided he’s got “muscle” for debt collection. Well, the entire industry that facilitates gambling is collateral to the actual act.

Similarly, industries that act in a support capacity to MOBA games are collateral to the games themselves. The way stats work is fundamental to the way the games work, and represent their own industry. Basically, you want to be sure you are familiar with how game stats work, and what they mean.

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3. You Can Make A Good Living Playing MOBAs like LoL

Revenue ads can drive business from this international sensation to your business directly. Newbies at the game need to be coached, and they’re also looking for guidance.

If you’re playing as part of a professional team, sponsors could help underwrite you—also, winning big contests will result in prize money, and owing to the marketing potential for winning teams, this increases your likelihood of securing quality sponsorship. If you’re playing solo, there’s still prize money to consider.

Something strong players can do is allow others to “level up”, as it were, owing to “elo boosting”. You just give someone who needs it access to your “Riot” account at a charge. On that note, if you’ve built up a strong enough player, and you’ve got the stats to demonstrate that strength, you can simply sell the character for a tidy sum, then start building up another.

This might be the best way to go if you want to make a living playing games like LoL. For more information on how this fun MOBA game can prove financially lucrative, check out this site; which goes into more detail.

Getting Into the Game

MOBA games like LoL can be a source of income, understanding character stats gives players a clear advantage, and this game is one of the top MOBA games on the planet. If you’re looking to explore this new kind of gaming, check out LoL.

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