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What Are the Different Types of Sneakers That People Wear Today?

As of 2020, the global sneaker market was sitting at a value of $79 billion.

Countless brands have released all different kinds of sneakers over the years, making the options almost endless. If you’re interested in sneakers, you’ll want to keep up with the different types available at the moment.

For a rundown of some of the most common types of sneakers people are currently wearing, keep reading.

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High Top Basketball

If you’re a sneakerhead, you almost certainly have an interest in basketball sneakers. On the court they are functional, and off the court, they are a fashion statement.

The high top lets you wear long socks without them sticking out of the top while supporting the ankle during any sports.

Some of the best basketball players of all time have put their names to lines of sneakers, including Koby Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Lebron James. The most famous, however, would be Michael Jordan.

Many Air Jordans over the years have had iconic details, from the Air Jordan 1s that paved the way to the Air Jordan 24s, also known as the AJ 2009 being the first in the series to be named for the year of release. Kickscrew is an excellent place to learn more about these.


Athletic footwear is possibly the best option if you are looking to combine style and function. These are designed with comfort in mind, but make no compromises when it comes to appearance.

Often also called sports sneakers, many of these come from popular sports brands like Nike and Adidas. They are perfect for a day out, keeping you comfortable on long walks or during sports activities.


These aren’t defined entirely by their appearance or function, but more so the brand that makes them. Designer brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs have released several pairs of sneakers over the years.

Unlike other types, these are often worn with formal attire. These brands are all about luxury, so designer sneakers are excellent if you want to make a statement or add a bit of class to your sneaker collection.

Beyond that, they are naturally quite comfortable compared to other types of formal footwear. They could often be used for physical activities, although bearing in mind how much they can cost, we wouldn’t recommend it.


Slip-on sneakers are somewhat a classic, but they have made a comeback in recent years. They have no laces and simply slip onto your feet as the name suggests, generally using some form of elastic material to keep them on your feet.

Several different designs are available and they come in all different colors and patterns making it easy to find a pair that stands out from the crowd.

As far as sneakers go these are possibly the most casual and comfortable option, ideal for day-to-day living.


Canvas shoes have been around for a long time and aren’t going anywhere soon. A comfortable and casual option perfect for daily life. A perfect example is the Converse All-Stars, which are one of the most popular sneakers on the planet. 

Canvas shoes are very versatile. They are available in low, mid, and high top options, work well with several different outfit styles, and are popular amongst both younger and older generations.


Recently leather has become a very popular choice for sneakers. As a high-quality material, it gives them a more formal feel with a lower price point than designer sneakers.

White leather sneakers have become especially popular lately. They hold their appearance well and exude luxury. Leather sneakers also tend to fit better than other materials as they are designed to better contour your feet.

These are a real ‘feel good, look good’ type of sneaker.


Of all the types of sneakers, these might be the most functional. Running sneakers are similar in appearance to athletic sneakers, but have other characteristics to make them more ideal for running.

Lightweight materials are used so that you will use less energy and the soles have an excellent grip to help keep you stable on all surfaces, even when wet. The cushioning is designed to absorb the high amounts of impact that come with each step, while still being stable enough to help prevent injuries.

These are the best sneakers for running but are also suitable for other physical activities like cycling or HIIT training. Pretty much any activity that involves moving at speed will be made easier with running sneakers.

Retro Sneakers

Like most fashionable trends, things go out of style and then come back. Retro sneakers are no different. The nostalgia that comes with sneakers that were popular decades ago can appeal to almost anyone.

Despite their older design, retro sneakers are actually quite comfortable thanks to a low-cut profile. Another plus is that they often use materials such as leather and suede, compared to modern sneakers that tend to opt for synthetic fabrics.


One of the most unique types of sneakers available stands out thanks to the inclusions of LED lighting. Of this list, these are the newest to be seen in the footwear industry.

An LED tube is embedded in the sneaker, usually running around the sole of the shoe offering various options, such as one solid color, multiple colors, flashing modes, etc.

These are most popularly worn at parties, concerts, and festivals, and in the right environment, a pair of these can certainly be a head-turner.

Other Types of Sneakers

Realistically sneakers can be split down into all kinds of categories, meaning there are dozens of different types of sneakers. If you are about to purchase a new pair you should definitely take the types above into consideration.

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