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Is It Worth Paying For Packing When Moving?

Moves can be expensive. Even when you are planning a small move, you can face a variety of additional costs, including moving insurance, truck rental, packing materials, and much more.

The majority of property owners work hard to minimize these costs by saying “no” to popular moving services. One of these services is professional packing.

While packing your belongings may look like an easy task, in some cases, it may be a good idea to delegate it to professionals. Let’s take a look at when it makes sense to pay for packing and when you should DIY.

When it’s worth paying for packing

Evaluate your moving situation to understand whether paying for packing is a good idea. Some examples are:

1. You Are Pressed For Time

Moves can be stressful and time-consuming. Many situations exist when you have to move out fast.

In an ideal scenario, you can have weeks for packing. When this happens, you have sufficient time to find packing materials, declutter your home, and pack one room at a time.

If your move is urgent, the lack of time makes it impossible to pack your belongings properly. In this case, it makes sense to hire a professional packing team. According to experts from TorexMoving Scarborough, many moving companies offer packing services as part of their moving packages.

Packing experts can deal with an entire house or office within hours. DIYing may take days.

2. You Don’t Have Packing Experience

Proper packing requires experience. It involves much more than putting things in the box and sealing it with packing tape. You need to start with choosing and buying proper packing materials. Then you need to figure out which belongings can be transported together.

Another important issue to consider is the unpacking process. When belongings are packed in the right order, unpacking doesn’t take long.

Each item in your home deserves a personal approach to packing. Without it, you may face unexpected damages at the new location.

3. You Have Numerous Fragile Items

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Fragile items need special packing. If you are moving an office with multiple pieces of equipment, you can benefit from professional packing. Computers, printers, and servers need to be properly cushioned so speed bumps, potholes, and other road issues don’t break them.

The same is true for musical instruments like pianos. These delicate items need a special approach. A packing mistake could turn into significant repair costs.

Even if you have moving insurance, filing claims and getting payouts can take a while. It’s not something property owners prefer dealing with especially if it can be avoided by something as simple as proper packing.

When it’s not worth paying for packing

In some cases, you can consider DIY packing. Common examples are:

1. You are on a tight budget

Professional packing is an extra expense. If your moving budget is tight, you may want to avoid it. DIY packing may not be as fast and effective as professional packing, but it’s free. You can even get free packing boxes from U-haul exchange or nearby stores.

You would still need to invest in packing materials and spend some time researching proper packing techniques.

2. Your move is small

Small moves don’t usually require a lot of packing. You can usually get everything done in a couple of hours. If all you need to move is some furniture, packing may not even be necessary.

If you aren’t planning to pay for packing in a small move, you still have to hone your packing skills. Consider watching DIY packing videos.

The Takeaway

Professional packing is highly useful. It doesn’t just save you time but keeps your belongings safe. If you are worried about proper item organization, you can instruct professional packers on how you want things done.

In most cases, paying for professional packing is worth every penny. However, if you are on a tight budget or want to move only a couple of items, it may not be necessary.

If you are worried about facing high costs, ask your moving company about packing services. They may turn out to be cheaper than you think.

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