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Olive Garden Offers Take-and-Bake Breadsticks For Santa

Finally, the time for savory Santa treats has come! Italianate restaurant chain Olive Garden has announced a take-and-bake breadsticks option, specifically to leave out for Santa Claus this Christmas.

Olive Garden

The breadsticks come unbaked and have instructions on how to prepare them. I hope I don’t see any Sharons sharing their burnt breadsticks on Twitter. (Seriously, did you see the Marie Calendar’s Sharon Pie fiasco?) If you’re not sure of your baking skills, Olive Garden will also be selling baked breadsticks you can use instead.

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“Santa has been getting the same monotony of cookies and milk for over 1,000 years, which he rarely ever finishes. It’s time we acknowledge the truth: Santa is tired of cookies,” Olive Garden said in a press release.

Olive Garden

Guests will be able to create a personalized note for Santa, which is an opportunity to explain that the breadsticks are a replacement for cookies. There is also a free coloring page for kids available for download online.

You will be able to order breadsticks for Santa from the Olive Garden website, which start at $4.29.

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