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Use of Kratom for Depression/Anxiety & Self-Management

Kratom is a tropical tree that is native to Southeast Asia. For centuries now, the locals have used its leaves as an alternative medication for chronic pain, among other ailments, and now it’s spread to the rest of the world.  

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a consumer advocacy group that estimates that 10-16 million people in the United States use Kratom regularly. Kratom is consumed by grounding up its leaves and brewing into tea or food. Kratom contains a chemical called Mitragynine, an alkaloid that acts on the opiate receptors of the brain. 

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Most people use Kratom as a self-treating option to manage conditions such as depression and anxiety. There is research indicating that Kratom can help with the symptoms of these conditions, but additional research is needed.  

Depression and anxiety can impact one’s life significantly. These two mental conditions affect many people on a global scale. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America estimates that close to 264 million people worldwide live with depression and around 18% of the population struggle with anxiety. 

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Keep reading to find out more about how this unique natural compound can help with anxiety and depression. 

But First, What Is Kratom? 

As mentioned before, Kratom, or scientifically known, Mitragyna speciosa, is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia and Thailand. The active ingredient in Kratom is Mitragynine and is found in its leaves. 

In lower doses, these active ingredients have energizing effects and higher ones; sedative effects. Kratom has various names for the people of Southeast Asia since they’ve used it for centuries. Some of these include Ketum, Biak, Thang, Kakum, etc. 

While Kratom may be legal in the United States, it’s illegal in many countries around the globe, such as Thailand, Denmark, and Australia. 

How to Safely Ingest Kratom for Anxiety and Depression? 

Kratom can be eaten fresh, dried, or boiled and drunk as tea. Its leaves can also be dried and ground up into a powder that users can ingest. Some of the less common ways Kratom is taken is by smoking or vaporization. 

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The method by which one ingests Kratom may influence its effects, but there is no research identifying which form of ingesting it works best for helping with anxiety and depression. Kratom can also be fashion into: 

  • Tablets 
  • Capsules 
  • Gums 
  • Tinctures 

Kratom is an unregulated industry, and if you’re not careful, you may end up with poor quality Kratom. It is best to choose lab-tested Kratom capsules only. Also, ensure a 3rd party laboratory tests the Kratom products. 

What Are The Strains Of Kratom That Help With Anxiety And Depression? 

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There are various types of Kratom strains. Most of these strains are named from the place they originate and have slightly different effects. Strains that are effective for anxiety and depressions include: 

  • Maeng Da Kratom: This strain is very potent and works well to help you overcome anxiety and depression. There are many varieties of this strain, such as red and green. Depending on how much you take, you can experience a range of benefits such as muscle relaxation, better sleep, reduced social anxiety, and improved focus and awareness. 
  • Green Malay Kratom: Green Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia and is a prevalent strain among users. It positively affects productivity and concentration if you’re feeling anxious and can’t do your day-to-day activities. It can also provide you with a sense of euphoria due to its potent nature of alkaloids, specifically 7-hydroxy mitragynine and Mitragynine. 
  • Red Bali Kratom: Red Bali Kratom originates from Indonesia and is one of the best-selling Kratom strains in the market. It’s a highly potent strain with a wide range of effects on users. It’s able to improve one’s focus, especially in people who have difficulty concentrating because of anxiety. Red Bali Kratom is also great for calming mood swings due to its high Mitragynine level that makes it easier to manage your emotions. 

How Does Kratom Work for Anxiety? 

The symptoms of anxiety and depression can affect one’s quality of life, but Kratom works to combat them. Some of the natural ways Kratom help is: 

  • Acts as a sedative to improve sleep 
  • Increase energy 
  • Improves mental function 
  • Enhance mood

Kratom interacts with the brain’s opioid receptors, which is why it can remedy anxiety. It works similar to other prescribed medications such as Codeine and Morphine, but Kratom isn’t addictive.  

Kratom isn’t an opioid of sorts, but it has similar effects as opioids. The levels of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine the stains listed above contain how they can help with anxiety and depression. 

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Taking a regular dose of Kratom for the symptoms of depression and anxiety may help alleviate them. One study done in 2017 showed that some users of Kratom had a better mood and were less anxious. 

Dosage Guidelines for Kratom 

From a recent study that included more than 8000 people who used Kratom, the standard dosage for optimal and desired effects was 5 grams of powder taken at least three times a day. From the results of this study: 

  • A low to moderate dose, which is 1 gram to 5 grams, increases focus and energy. 
  • A higher dose of between 5 grams to 15 grams will give the user opiate-like effects like pain relief and an opiate high associated with some side effects. 
  •  Any dose greater than 15 grams produces significant effects such as sedation and an increased risk of side effects. 

Many users use Kratom daily up to several times a day to remedy issues such as a depressed mood. 


Most Kratom users will confess that it’s a powerful way to handle the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Depending on the strain you’re using and the dosage you take, you can experience a range of benefits from an improved mood, a sharper focus, and sedation. If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, depression, pain, or insomnia, it may be time to balance your sanity and mental health with Kratom. There are a lot of alternative supplements out there, but most will only leave you with unnecessary and harmful side effects. 

Kratom will offer you a new beginning, but the trick is to use good quality Kratom from reputable vendors only. Before you jump on the Kratom bandwagon, however, you must do your research.  

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