10 Best Dunks (So Far) on Worst Superman Ever- Dean Cain

No one cares what the worst Superman ever, Dean Cain, has to say about the Man of Steel’s sexuality. Cain, who continues to audition for the real life role of an underwhelming supervillain, has once again expressed an unwanted opinion about Superman, a role he unfortunately once had the privilege of inhabiting. 

Because we don’t want to show Dean Cain’s ignorant face, here’s one of his costars… who did a much better job than him.  

Earlier this week, DC Comics announced that an upcoming issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El” will confirm Superman’s bisexuality. Jon Kent is the current Superman of Earth. He is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Jon will explore a romance with Jay Nakamura, a reporter.

Not content to stay silent on a topic he doesn’t deserve to say anything about, Cain said:

“They said it’s a bold new direction. I say they’re bandwagoning.”

Well the internet was quick to remind Cain that no one gives a damn what the most laughable Superman ever has to say about the role. Here are some of our favorite dunks on Dean Cain’s unenlightened and unasked for opinion.

From Sci-Fi, internet, and LGBTQIA+ legend George Takei chiming in:

To “QueerEye” alum Ted Allen:

And a slew of others:

“Superman: Son of Kal-El #5” will be out on Tuesday, November 9. We look forward to Dean Cain returning to the obscurity of his Erinaceinae centric D list movies.

Also here are some great LGBTQIA+ charities you can donate to! The Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, National Center for Transgender Equality.

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