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“Scream 5” Releases Official Trailer, and it Looks Good!

If you were on the fence about the upcoming “Scream” film you can rest assured that they’ve done a great job with it. Today they released the official trailer and I’m happy to say it looks good.

Alum David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Courtney Cox are all back for this 5th installment. They go back to the place where it all started as murders start happening again by Ghostface. And this time it looks like the victims are all related to the original killer.

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The use of tech in the film is interesting. Combining old tech (land lines) with new tech (instant messages). Also they utilize things like wifi programs made for keeping homes secure, like automatic locks and security apps controlled from your phone. It will be interesting to see how on edge this film will make us about the security software that a lot of people use today. If done right, and I think it has been, it will definitely make us double check our locks at night.

You may want to re-watch the other films in preparation for this. I know I will be.

It brings up all kinds of questions. What connection does Ghostface have to the events of the other films? Was this all a ploy to bring Sydney back into the fold? These questions and more will be answered when “Scream 5” hits theaters on January 14th, 2022.

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