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Eggo Waffle Flavored Pop-Tarts Are Coming Soon

Pop-Tarts is releasing a brand new flavor based on Eleven’s favorite snack, the Eggo waffle! Soon you will be able to get this delicious amalgamation of two iconic breakfasts in one.

The new flavor seems to be a permanent addition to their already packed line up of flavorful treats. They are going to start hitting shelves in December, and have a price point of $2.99 for a box of eight.

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The flavor boasts the Eggo batter waffle on the outside with maple syrup inside. When warmed up it’s supposed to taste really similar to an Eggo all done up with the fixings. When these come out I’m volunteering as tribute and will be reviewing them here at Nerdbot. I’m actually kind of excited! Of course I’ll definitely try anything, like these pumpkin spice Cup Noodles for instance.

Keep and eye on Pop-Tarts’ Instagram for more delicious flavor reveals throughout the year!

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