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Keanu Reeves’ “BRZRKR” Heads to Netflix from “The Batman” Writer

Keanu Reeves himself has provided an update on new developments in the upcoming adaptations of his Boom! Studios comic book, BRZRKR. It’s the story of an immortal warrior forced into combat throughout every age of humanity’s history. Across 12 issues, BRZRKR tells the tale of the lonely veteran of a million wars like a bloodthirsty “The Man from Earth.” While we don’t yet know how the story will end, Reeves and his various co-conspirators are gearing up to bring the grim and gruesome story to the small screen.

Back in March it was announced that Netflix has picked up both a live action and an animated series based on the comic, with Reeves expected to star in both. In a recent interview with Collider, Reeves was able to reveal that script for the live action BRZRKR adaptation will be penned by writer Mattson Tomlin. Tomlin is well versed in the world of comic books, working with Matt Reeves on “The Batman” and as lead writer on Netflix’s “Project Power“.

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While Tomlin is only in the earliest stages of putting his adaptation together, Reeves promises that the project will stick close to the source materials brutal, bloody tone.

On the subject of adapting the comics notoriously grim nature, Reeves said: “We’re working with Netflix who have been very cool. They’re letting us do an R-rated story which is cool. My ambition or hope is not to do a filmed version of the comic book so that they’ll have things in common, definitely the main character and his kind of rule set, but that we can take it to other places as well.”

BRZRKR, written by Reeves and co-writer Matt Kindt, with art by Ron Garvey, expects to conclude its comic book run early 2022, and the first collected volume of the series is available now.

Netflix’s BRZRKR adaptations do not yet have an expected release date, but we’ll let you know as soon as more information drops!

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