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“Happy Divorce” Jumbotron at Giants Game Gets Enormous Cheer

When you get married you never want to think about divorce. But sometimes it just doesn’t work out, and when it doesn’t you really shouldn’t feel bad. It’s a time for celebration and a new chapter in your life! And one friend of a newly divorced bachelor thought he would congratulate him in the best way possible. A jumbotron message during his favorite baseball teams game, the San Francisco Giants.

Ry Faraola splurged on the Jumbotron message which was then posted on Instagram by Oracle Park. The message was for his buddy Max Blue. The screen read “Happy divorce Max, Back in the game!”

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Funnily enough this showed up on screen after two or three proposals, and it was reported to get the biggest cheer from the crowd. It’s always fun when you can share in other people’s lives, and this was that sprinkled with a bit of dark humor. My favorite combination!

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