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Dreaming of Minimal Fashion? Here Are Some Jewelry Pieces You Need to Invest in Now

Sleek and straightforward jewelry pieces would always be ahead of elaborate, bohemian ones. Over the years, the jewelry trends have made it clear. People have always preferred streamlined jewelry over layered, which means that minimalism is not going anywhere soon, especially in jewelry. 

Even after trending for so long, we just can’t get enough of minimalistic jewelry pieces. Fashion brands worldwide adore these delicate pieces, which are dedicated to a whole design movement. In Coco Chanel’s words – ‘Before you go out, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off.’ In today’s world, where everything is already busy, all we need is a few simple yet striking pieces of jewelry. Elements that make us stand out without being out there.

We have shortlisted such jewelry pieces that will go with almost every outfit you wear and look contemporary and sophisticated. Below are five such jewelry pieces.    

1. Crystal Huggies

For minimalists, huggies are a fundamental piece of jewelry that one must indeed have in their wardrobe. Some go for simple gold huggies, as they prefer what’s in trend; however, crystals add a more sophisticated and rich element to your attires. The best thing about crystal huggies, or smaller hoops, is that they sit close to one’s ear, are short, uncluttered, and add enough color to the overall attire. These baubles are a stylish upgrade for your plain t-shirts, blouses, and crop tops. They’re easy-to-style, versatile, and can add a touch of sparkle to your look without cluttering it too much. You can style a pair of Tanzanite earrings in deep oceanic blue, finished in platinum or white gold, to polish off your outfit. If you want a piece of accessory that can be worn all week, all seasons, throughout the year, we recommend these huggies as they will layer up your outfits without breaking your style. 

2. Two-Tone Bracelet

It can often be confusing, choosing between different tones of metals for the perfect outfit. To see whether it would suit your skin tone, be appropriate for the occasion, time of day, etc. There’s a simple answer to this, which leaps beyond finding one perfect metal tone instead of grabbing a two-tone bracelet. Combining the luster and shine of two different metals can be utterly exquisite. It has hints of warmer and cooler tones, making it attractive and appropriate for all occasions. Not only this, it’s gorgeous, unique, can carry any outfit, is non-traditional, and durable. You can choose a simple design such as a chain link or a band and add an engraving. Personalized bracelets are great for people who like meaningful jewelry or want a tangible form of a cherished memory. 

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3. Birthstone Pendants

Everybody owns a piece of jewelry that has some personal elements to it, be it in the form of engraving, a custom charm, or a birthstone. Even though the minimalist design doesn’t take away from the natural colors of the stones, they can quickly become a daily go-to piece. Apart from birthstone, other crystals and gemstones have also been increasingly popular in the last year for their healing properties and adding positive vibrations. Shungite jewelry, made from a carbon-rich mineraloid, is known to inhibit various healing and health benefits. If worn daily, it can protect the wearer from harmful EMFs and improve one’s respiratory and digestive system. Women can style it with a simple metal chain and break color for a monochromatic outfit.

4. Gold Flat Chains 

Lightweight, easy-to-pull, and highly stylish, what’s not to like about these golden treats! Flat chains can instantly dress up any outfit you’re wearing, no matter the season or occasion. It can be clubbed with more chains, stacks of rings, bracelets, and one can also pull off a layered look. The golden chain can be styled even at different lengths; something close to the neck would look great with a cream turtleneck, while a longer chain would go perfectly with a scoop-neck blouse or a sundress. If it’s the summer season, then grab one or two flat gold chains and combine it with some beautiful enamel rings or a charm anklet, and you’re good to go. They are an excellent upgrade for your formal outfits and can sit perfectly under your shirts without being too flashy or noticeable. Even though yellow gold is the trend, you can find the perfect shade of metal by placing the chain over your neck and noticing what tone of color suits the most on your skin. 

5. Baguette Rings

Whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, you can’t have just one when it comes to rings. There has always been a lot of interest and intrigue with the jewelry one wears on their fingers. Baguette rings aren’t reserved only for weddings and have a strong case for women who want a stellar yet simple design that packs a whole punch. One can leave it as it is, even if it’s gracefully versatile and can be stacked with one or two colorful pieces to make it statement-worthy. But for a minimalist, the baguette ring with its singular white diamond, clean, symmetrical lines, and timeless beauty makes for an exceptional choice for daily wear. 

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