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Ian McKellen on Gandalf Returning for Amazon’s “Lord of the Rings” Series

Okay, so, we’ve spoken about this very topic at length before. The incredible Sir Ian McKellen has even said he’d WANT to return to the role of Gandalf given the opportunity. What a gift he is. We digress.

McKellen, who is currently carrying on the kind of career young actors only dream about, took to Twitter to offer some commentary on a recent headline he happened to notice. In this case, a rather clickbaity headline from ScreenRant caught his attention.

To be fair, the piece does go into fairly deep detail about the lore around this age of Middle Earth Amazon’s upcoming Lord of The Rings” series will take place in. But, we completely agree (as usual) with McKellen.

Even if maybe McKellen doesn’t PHYSICALLY portray the Grey Wizard, why wouldn’t he at least provide the voice?! C’mon, now.

As we reported back in August, the official release date for the series looks to be September 2nd, 2022.

We’ll let you know what else we hear about this and other news.

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Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf the White
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