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Masterful Metal Artist Creates Eye Of Sauron Fire Pit!

Someday when I own my own home, the topic of backyard accoutrements will come up. It will be a discussion on whether or not we want the old school “Star Wars” themed BBQ pits or something a little more obscure. While “The Lord of the Rings” may not be all that obscure, surely this fire pit designed to look similar to the Eye of Sauron is.

And it’s honestly everything we’d ever want in a fire pit for the backyard. You could pull up a chair with a group of friends and tell stories around it or cook some hot dogs on a stick. I’d keep marshmallows away from it though, it would be a shame to get this masterpiece sticky and dirty.

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Trevor McIntyre of Imagine Metal Art makes a lot of these cool fire sculptures. He also has a few “Game of Thrones” styles listed on his Etsy. This one in particular is 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide and ships from Canada.

If you know any “The Lord of the Rings” fans who happens to be in the market for making their backyard awesome you’ll definitely want to show them this. It sells for about $1,150 but for the intricate metal work seen above you really can’t beat that price. This is a very detailed fire pit based Barad-dûr also known as The Dark Tower and any Tolkien fan would be stoked to have one. Check out the detailed One Ring design!

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