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Amazon’s “Lord of The Rings” Series Officially Wraps S1

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s surprise announcement of a release date for Amazon Prime Video’s “Lord of The Rings” series, we have additional news! According to the official LoTR On Prime Twitter account, season 1 of the show has wrapped!

Along with the news, came confirmation of the directors helming the 8-episode first season.

You can see the tweet here, or scroll down:

That’s a wrap! Thank you to our amazing cast and crew and to New Zealand for being the incredible place we have been privileged to call home as we bring the Second Age and Middle-earth to life. #LOTRonPrime (1/8)

Thank you, Director JA Bayona @FilmBayona (2/8)

Director JA Bayona wears a black baseball cap and a green t-shirt while he looks into the lens of a camera. He and the crewmembers around him stand in a field of white flowers.

Thank you, Director Wayne Che Yip (3/8)

Director Wayne Che Yip lines up a shot on set using his hands as a framing device.

Thank you, Director Charlotte Brändström @CBrandstrom (4/8)

Director Charlotte Brändström, in a black baseball cap, is standing while smiling amidst a few crew members. A massive, slate-colored mountain range is blurred out in the background.
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Thank you to our amazing crew in the sun-lit forests. (5/8)

A masked crew member sits on a camera dolly behind a camera while other crew members work around them. In the forest around him, other masked crew members are hard at work. The sun peeks through the woods just above the horizon.

Thank you to our incredible crew on the sandy beaches. (6/8)

A crew member stands on the back of a camera truck on a sandy beach guiding a jib/crane.

Thank you to our adventurous crew in the rolling fields. (7/8)

A crew member wearing all black and a face mask stands in a windswept field of tall grass in the late afternoon. He’s holding a camera and is looking down into the screen. Rolling hills are in the background.

Thank you to our intrepid crew on the black rocks. (8/8)

A crew member stands on black rocks, behind them a beautiful rock-strewn beach is visible with inlets of water.

Amazon’s “Lord of The Rings” series is set to premiere on September 22, 2022.

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