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Lucky Charms Just Magical Marshmallows Return to Shelves!

For a brief moment in time, we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy just the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal. Now they’ve written me to say they’re back! The catch is they’re only here for a limited time. So if you want to add some Lucky Charms goodness to the top of your coffee or in your oatmeal you need to act fast.

The treat will be available in stores nationwide. They’ve already rolled them out, so it’s just a matter of time for when stores stock them. The price on these is $3.99 for a 4oz bag, which is quite a lot of marshmallows.

Something I learned today that I didn’t know before is that each marshmallow has a special power! Now I can make pretend with my kid I can’t see them if they eat a blue moon and for that I’m kind of excited. I mean technically they don’t have a “visiblility” marshmallow so I could go all day pretending I don’t see them. Leaving snacks and meals out like I would for the cat. You may think it’s a weird game but this girl says she’s an animal every day. She’s going to love it.

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Lucky’s 8 Iconic Charms and their powers:  

  • Heart Charm: This charm allows you to bring things to life.  
  • Star Charm: This charm gives you the power to fly.  
  • Horseshoe Charm: This charm gives you the power to speed up time.  
  • Clover Charm: This charm brings the power of good fortune.  
  • Blue Moon Charm: This charm gives the power of invisibility.  
  • Unicorn Charm: This charm gives you the power to teleport.  
  • Rainbow Charm: This charm gives you the power to add color to your world.  
  • Red Balloon Charm: This charm gives you the power to make things float.  
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