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“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Star Nicholas Brendon Arrested Again

Nicholas Brendon will always be known as Xander Harris from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Though he’s had other roles before and since his turn as one of the “Scoobies,” Brendon will forever be remembered for fighting demons alongside Buffy. Unfortunately, Brendon has also has had to battle his real-lie demons of drug abuse and alcoholism for decades, and he once again finds himself entrenched in yet another struggle.

According to Radar Online, Brendon was taken into custody by police on August 18th in Indiana. Further reports from TMZ provide perspective into the details of the incident and how the events unfolded.

Brendon was driving through Vigo County but according to police, was doing so erratically and swerving along the road. This resulted in them pulling him over and finding that he was in a physically disturbed state; sweating with a racing pulse and shaking hands. Things start to get more confusing and sad from here on out.

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The ID that Brendon provided the cops was for a man named, Kelton Schultz, claiming that the man is his twin brother. This is true by the way, Nicholas does have a twin brother named Kelly Schultz. Presumably his full name is Kelton. As to the question of why he had his brother’s ID, this could be related to the other discovery the cops found, a bottle with pills prescribed to a “Nicholas Bender.”

Further investigation of the vehicle revealed several empty plastic bags with pill residue in them and another prescription filled that same day under Kelton’s name. Brendon claimed that they both have the same prescriptions and fill them for each other, but even if that’s true, it’s illegal to be securing prescription drugs under another person’s name, especially controlled substances like the amphetamine salts that this particular prescription was for.

Adding another layer of trouble onto this is how Brendon is currently on probation stemming from an assault he committed in 2017 on his girlfriend at the time. The sentencing on that case eventually came in 2020 when a plea deal resulted in community service and 3 years probation. Clearly, these recent events would conflict with the probation time period and land Brendon in even more hot water than he’s already in.

Incidents of drunken violence and abuse have plagued Brendon for years. We’re not going to recount them here, but there’s enough of a pattern to indicate that Brendon needs help. He knows this too, as he has been public in the past about his entering rehab and struggles with depression. It’s all the worse though, knowing that in battling these demons, he’s turned violent against people close to him.

We extend our well-wishes to those he has hurt, as well as our hope that Brandon can find the help he needs.

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